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And get 1 Month of Personalised Training on us

When you join BodyWorksWest this September


Winter is around the corner and the kids are heading back to school, so now is a great time to get started on your fitness programme. We’re all guilty of over indulging in the summer but September is a great time to get going. Get into a routine and make time for yourself, so you have more energy during this busy time of year.

Join BodyWorksWest this September and get one month of personalised training on us! As part of our September offer, you will receive four one-on-one training sessions with our expert fitness advisors, to take you step by step through a tailored programme to help accomplish your fitness goals. This includes an initial consultation, a 4-week personalised programme, a one on one fitness session and a progress session at the end of your first month, and every month thereafter. 


Consultation – A great starting point for your active lifestyle journey. 

  • Monitor your current fitness levels, by taking a body composition test and postural analysis, strength tests, lifestyle evaluation and nutrition consultation.
  • This will form a base for you to build on in the coming months, by identifying weight, muscle mass, BMI, lifestyle choices and give you starting point to build upon.  
  • Discuss what you want to achieve over the coming months and set attainable specific goals.  

4 Week Fitness Programme – A four-week programme tailored to your specific needs. 

  • This will be as detailed as possible to keep you on the right track.
  • It will incorporate what exercises you should be doing, and how many times you should be doing them, also what type of training is best for you. 
  • You will also receive recommendations on which classes to attend to make the most of your membership with us. 

1 on 1 fitness session – a one on one training session with our fitness advisor.  

  • This is a great chance to incorporate new exercises into your current routine.  
  • Make sure you are performing all exercises in the correct way, maximising training benefits and avoiding injury. 

Progress session – Progress session to review your first month.  

  • Take part in another body composition test to see how far you have come.  
  • Tailor a new 4-week programme, to maintain motivation, keeping your workouts fresh and fun.

Every month you will under take a progress session to track and monitor your specific goals. 

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You can also call us on 020 7229 2291 to enquire about membership and we will answer any questions you may have

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Welcome to our facilities:


Our Notting Hill Health Club is the perfect gym space to lose yourself in an individual workout or a one-to-one training session. With scientific up to date cardio and fixed resistance machines, coupled with all the latest functional equipment at your disposal. 

Personal Training

It's all about your results. Our Personal Trainers are here to inspire you, motivate you, educate you and empower you to achieve your goals. It's not about short term fixes, it's about using their knowledge and passion to create sessions which will be highly effective and hugely enjoyable.  

New Pilates Studio Now Open

Pricing starting at:

Members Price: £19.50 Non-Members Price: £25  

Pilates is ideal for people who are in need of injury rehabilitation, wanting to improve their core strength and improving their posture or just looking to have a leaner muscle shape.  

Studio Classes

Set in our spacious and modern Notting Hill studios, we offer over 70 exclusive studio classes as part of your membership to stimulate a range of tastes, aims and abilities. Whether you want an early morning aerobic session or an after office yoga hour to unwind, our classes are frequent, diverse and sure to fit into even the busiest of schedules. 

Pool & Spa

Our Pool & Spa provide an immaculate pool, sauna and steam room for you to exercise in luxury and forget the stresses of the day. It's the perfect place for an invigorating swim session, with tranquil pool lighting to help you unwind.  


Come and visit us at our newly refurbished therapy rooms for one of our range of treatments or therapies. Whether you are looking for something relaxing, invigorating or you are looking for help with training and getting fit we have a therapist that will be able to offer you a treatment for your needs.  

The Lounge

BodyWorksWest is not just the place in Notting Hill to get fit. It is also a space to relax, unwind and meet fellow members. The members lounge has been uniquely designed to combine luxurious interior design with impeccable attention to detail to create a non-intimidating home from home feel.

Click here for more details on our class timetable

Benefits & Perks:

45-minute Progress Sessions (every 4 weeks)

  • Review of Body Composition progress through Boditrax 
  • Review of Posture improvements
  • Progressions added to improve current training program  

£150 Worth of FREE Therapy Vouchers for you to spend

  • 50% off your first consultation with Kensington Physiotherapy
  • Complementary 20 min consultation and taster or 30% off a Kiom therapy treatment (£70 instead of £100)
  • £50 off any Aesthetic Treatment with Asthetik London

3x Initial Sessions with a Highly-Qualified Fitness Expert

  • Consultation: Goal Setting, Body Composition test, Postural Analysis
  • Programme session (bespoke tailored-made routine) 
  • Stretching & Corrective exercise routine based on Postural analysis results
  • (All included in your first month)

FREE Pilates Classes Reformer Session

  • 2x1 Hour FREE Taster Session

2x7 day Complimentary Memberships

  • Full membership for friends/family to use the club
  • 1 x Body Composition Test with Fitness Team included 

2 Personal Invitations for Friends & Family

  • Complimentary use of the club

What Our Members Think

"Wonderful, personal club in the heart of Notting Hill! It's got everything you'll ever need to exercise and improve the aspect of fitness you'd like to focus on. Not a chain, only one and unique location. 100% worth it!".

-Sylvain Darville

"I started off with a 1-month membership and left with a full one. That was 2 years ago and it's been one of the best decisions I took when I moved into the neighbourhood. I can't seem to find any flaw to this place. Highly recommended!"

-Alina Ghioca

"Genuinely the best fitness club I've ever been a member of!"

-Mihnea Miculescu

"Went for a trial,left with a membership."

-Tom Papailiou

What's new at BodyWorksWest? EMS Training!

PERFECTION IN FULL BODY TRAINING - The miha bodytec training tool can be used for various applications and personal goals. The system has a decisive advantage: miha bodytec stimulates your muscles, their opponents and your deep muscle groups all at the same time. This full body training can be metered out very precisely, thus guaranteeing the targeted activation of all your muscles.  

DRIVEN BY PERSONAL MOTIVATION - Always just right. miha bodytec meets individual wishes – because people‘s physical fitness is improved differently. Training periods are shortened, and success is maximised:fat and weight are reduced, and on the other hand, your joints are protected while you build up muscles, your strength and endurance are enhanced, your shape and problem zones become firmer and your general well-being is improved.  

SUCCESSFUL TOGETHER - Side by side. A personal trainer is an important partner in achieving success efficiently with miha bodytec. The default settings help trainers. They can adjust the settings to personally suit the people they are training, since trainers are the ones who know best about their customers‘motivation and discipline. This makes a winning team out of man and machine.  

MOBILE FULL BODY TRAINING - Welcomed at any place at any time. miha bodytec comes with a suitable Rimowa suitcase for mobile use. It is made of indestructible polycarbonate and guarantees the safe transporting of control units, electrodes and accessories. The suitcase becomes a sturdy foot with the docking station. Freedom is newly defined thanks to the storage battery. That’s independence. No matter where. No matter when. 


When you join BodyWorksWest in Notting Hill this September

This offer will expire in: