Advertise your company THROUGH US – and watch your business profile SOAR 

  •   Get featured on a Special Online Portal accessed through the club website
  •   Promoted through emails, social media posts, online newsletters and sponsored fitness promotions
  • Invited to club networking events to meet like-minded local business people
  • Huge exposure to your business for the local community 

Interested in Champneys Business Connect?

If you're a member of Champneys and you run a local business or trade, we want to hear from you.


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Because we're in a perfect position to help you profitably network with your fellow gym members.

It makes total sense: members of our club will, almost always, want to buy from, sell to and generally trade with people with whom they share something in common.

In this case, it's membership at Champneys Tring.

If you have a business whose products or services are likely to attract your fellow members, Champneys Business Connect is the best networking opportunity you'll enjoy this year. Here's why:

  •  All our members are local to your area – they're readily on tap and waiting for you
  •  We'll promote your services via a special online portal accessed through our club website
  •  We'll provide an automated link to take interested members from your special offer area to your own company website, landing page or social media
  •  We regularly promote our MEMBER BENEFITS section through email blasts, social media posts, quarterly newsletter features, and to all new customers via our introductory newsletter
  •  If you have a local service to promote, it's the best-value promotion around – with a virtual guarantee of success

How your business will be promoted

Website Business Listing

Online Club Newsletter Coverage

In Club Banner Advertising

Social Media Posts

Community Fitness Promotions

Club Networking Events


and it all adds up to a highly profitable opportunity!

Put simply, Champneys Business Connect is the best value promotion of its kind you'll find today, with success virtually guaranteed. You'll find it hard to beat, for sure.

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