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Enroll your club in our Online Membership Sales Training Programme today and watch your sales rocket!

It’s a simple fact of life that trained and confident staff sell more memberships than those without a system to follow or a grasp of the underlying principles of fitness sales.  

  • 3.5 hours of Full-HD color video  
  • High level content taught by an industry sales guru!
  • Downloadable transcripts available of every unit 
  • Labelled and easy to navigate! 
  • Access the course when you and your team need it! 
  • Multiple login's so all staff can take advantage when they want it!
  • Available and replayable on ANY device (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer etc)
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Attractive bonuses - read more

"Really enjoyed course, well structured, interactive and very motivational, came out with the confidence to start my new role" - Michelle 

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All Fitness Club Managers know this theory! It’s just a bit trickier than you think to orchestrate isn’t it?  

The trouble, when you’re short staffed, and everyone is running around doing their best, it’s just not that easy for busy managers like you to find the time or the opportunity to deliver the level and intensity of sales coaching your fitness team needs.  

The good news is that if you CAN find the time, then the light very quickly goes on and the results follow soon after. 

Once your team understands the theory behind; why people join gyms, buy membership, and what it takes to make prospects feel at home when they tour. You will be amazed at the difference in their attitude to selling the club!  

There will be no more "running for cover" when there is a tour to do or handing out pre-printed price sheets and hoping that, this will swing the customers buying decision! You wont have to resort to "throat cutting” price discounts either to achieve your targets!

And the added benefit for you, the club manager is that selling memberships can be a shared responsibility amongst your staff, who not only know what to do, but best of all are confident and enjoy it too!

That’s why our online membership sales training programme is such a practical solution for you to consider…

Good comprehensive coaching, delivered at the right speed in a format that’s easily digestible by all of your team– that’s how to help you get your staff trained properly!

That’s why the future is in online video training. 

In effect, it's your own TV channel focused 100% on improving your Clubs Membership Sales!  

  • Available to all your team 24/7! 
  • Your team can watch and learn at their individual pace. 
  • Bite-size 15 minute units building into a comprehensive industry leading membership sales course accessible from the comfort of their own homes, or study at quiet times in the club.  
  • A valuable course of lessons which won’t get in the way of everyone’s day to day duties. 
  • No more worrying about staff turnover as new people can be trained and up to speed in no time. 
  • No more problems of getting enough staff OFF shift to take a face-to-face course. 

And consider the financial benefits too... 

Imagine if your Club could generate an additional £50K+! 

  • Assume you are a club that sells 600 memberships right now per annum. 
  • On average each members is likely to stay probably about 14 months at an average yield of £30. 
  • That means that each and every membership you sell is worth (on average) £420 
  • So if the Online Sales Course improves your sales performance by just 20 % (and we know that this is the sort of sales uplift you will get in most cases! ) 
  • So you will be improving your ANNUAL INCOME by around £50,000 per year! 
  • Imagine how happy your boss is going to be if you start to bring home those sorts of improved numbers! 


Momentum is a TRUSTED ADVISOR to fitness business owners across the world on sales, marketing, internet advertising, retention strategies, and member experience programmes.

Momentum is not new to membership sales training.  

We have been delivering a course like this for over 10 years. 

We have trained many people who have gone on to be national sales managers, regional directors and scores of successful membership managers with many of the UK's biggest fitness chains.

 We’ve taken our tried and tested, industry leading, 2-day course and concentrated it into this new Online Membership Sales Training Programme.

Here’s a small selection of the many organisations that have benefited from our Membership Sales Training...

Here’s what you get...

Our online membership sales training couse is made up of 13 indiviudal "Bite Size" modules.

Each module is a full-HD colour video tutorial supported by a lesson transcription, so you can read the content that you can see and hear. 

Each unit concludes with a quiz to help delegate understanding and in addition we supply all of the sales tools and resources you will need to develop a powerful sales system for your fitness facility.  

  • 13 Individual Lessons
  • Builds into 3.5 hours of high level content taught by an industry sales guru! 
  • Downloadable transcripts available of every unit 
  • Labelled and easy to navigate
  • 24/7 Access the course when you and your team need it! 
  • Multiple logn's so all staff can take advantage when they want it! 
  • Available and replayable on ANY device (Smartphone, Tablet, Computer etc)

Here‘s what industry people say about our Membership Sales Programme

Really enjoyed course, well structured, interactive and very motivational.

Came out with the confidence to start my new role 


Excellent course start to finish really enjoyed it I left feeling confident and energised to start my new job role. 

I felt the course was very motivating and very professional. Thank you."


Slough Community Leisure have worked with Momentum Business Development for the past three years. During this time our sales teams have received excellent training which have developed both their skills and confidence. This has been proved through the increase in sales due to the strong sales processes in place. 

Julie Watson - Sales & Membership Manager, Slough Leisure 

I would highly recommend ‘Momentum Sales Training’. We have seen an increase in our sales closing ratio of over 20%. Duncan’s experience and vast knowledge of the health and fitness industry proved invaluable and have allowed us to make improvements to our current sales and marketing strategies and implement several new ideas to great success.” 

Sean McGullion - Sales and Marketing Manager, BodyWorksWest

Everything I needed 

Ben Azovelos

The system is really good. Before the training the staff were averaging 2 memberships (per week (sic)), now with the system it’s gone up to 20 memberships! 

Patricia Whowell

I feel this course has given me a better overall understanding of the sales process. 

Nicola Fox

Logical and effective 

David Harnise

One of the best structured and results oriented courses I've been on Lecturers were easy, interesting and understandable. They were boosting optimism and energy. I do feel confident about selling, because I have a much better understanding of the product. 

Indrek Dmitriev

Length of the course is perfect just enough time. Lecturers- excellent, enthusiastic and explain everything fully (they make sure you understand). I feel I have learnt lots and lots of extremely valuable information re products and customers. I feel with some practice can utilise the skills and sell membership. Thank You. 

Lisa Parkinson

Good length, enough to focus on all important aspects of sale, valuing the customer and choosing the sale. Very interactive, well structured and designed to maximise learning and understanding and retaining information. I feel 100% equipped to sell a membership now. 


Thanks you so much for an insight into the world of sales. Your course has been an invaluable tool to take away with me and sell sell sell!! 

Liz Hawksfield 

The training was very important as it created a better feeling for the staff as to the service they were offering. It put back pride and enthusiasm that lacks when people get bored in their role. The whole process of training sales staff is great as it lets them understand the most important key pacts to selling and the reason for why we do things in a certain way. The enthusiasm is tremendously better which helps the club and managers overall”. 

Dusty Millar


  • Register up to 5 people per Club on the programme (Bulk discounts for multiple sites) 
  • Unlimited access to the programme for the 5 individuals for 1 year 
  • New delegates can be included in the 5 licences FREE during the year 

Opening Offer - 50% Saving 

2 Free to use Online Lead Generation Promotions from the Fitness Club Digital Library - Worth £750

30-Day FREE trial of Momentum Salesforce – the fitness industries most advanced sales and service online system. 

Free 99 minute Sales and Marketing Audit and report with Industry Guru Duncan Green - Worth £495

60 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Like all of our stuff. If it doesn’t work for you in 60 days. We give you your investment back. Simples! 

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  • If you don't find the course beneficial, let us know within 60 days and we'll give you a 100% refund
Advanced Online Marketing and Lead Generation Expert

P.S This is a limited time offer. Anything we do usually sells out fast so I recommend you sign up before you miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Duncan Green, Lead Consultant, Momentum