In the competitive, cut'n'thrust world of fitness clubs and gymnasia, one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

Some clubs simply aren’t cutting it.

It's often tempting to grab your competitors ideas of running a fitness club.

But how genuinely successful will it be for YOU?

It’s time to break the mould!

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Updated weekly with brand new, mission-critical content pitched purely at fitness club owners and operators, our aim is to pool and distribute the most insightful industry-specific wisdom on:

Business System + Process

Cold Lead Follow Up

Email Effectiveness

Ex-member Recovery Programme

Management Skills

Member Value Maximisation

Membership Sales Conversion

New Member Integration Process

Offline Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation

Retention Strategy

Team Coaching and Leadership

Each course breaks out into 15-minute video modules. The result for you?  

A total, ready-to-deploy solution supported by downloadable pdfs to be swiped and used in your club.  

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