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Just What IS Boxing?

Boxing is a sport that has been around for thousands of years, becoming an official Olympic event in 688 B.C. There is even evidence of boxing occurring in ancient Egypt. Modern day sport boxing involves two athletes punching each other with padded gloves, trying to knock their opponent down and out. These fights usually last three to twelve rounds, with each round usually lasting three minutes. In the fitness industry, there are countless boxing gyms and boxing boot-camps across the country that can be joined by pretty much anyone. These types of workouts usually include various types of punches bags, jumping rope, and other common exercises performed by boxers (think about all the training montages in the Rocky movies). These high intensity types of exercise in boxing makes it a great form of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that involves large groups of muscle, stresses the cardiovascular system (in a good way), and increases a person's rate of breathing. Again - try punching something as hard as you can for three consecutive minutes and you'll see how fast your heart will be beating and how hard you will be breathing!

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Why Boxing?

Great benefits and opportunities to:

• Learn self-defence and self-discipline • Earn respect • Develop social skills • Put fitness first • Work in a team • Boost confidence

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