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Mixed martial arts (MMA) at Fitter, Stronger, Faster consists of full-contact combat that allows both striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from other combat sports and martial arts. 

This sport provides the perfect groundwork for kids keen to put fitness before fatness. With child obesity levels seemingly higher than ever before, it's vital that youngsters learn the rudiments of exercise. It's just the kind of thing to keep them fit, active and healthy as they grow into adolescence, and on into adulthood.

And there's little healthier for young minds and bodies than the martial arts. Our Mini and Junior MMA classes are designed for children to learn all aspects of mixed martial arts in an environment that's totally safe. Our fully qualified coaches place heavy emphasis on perfecting all martial arts techniques, offering an enjoyable pathway from mini/junior to adult disciplines.

Class Times:

 7-9 year olds:

Monday and Wednesday 4:45-5:30pm, Saturday 10-10:45am

£5 per class

£40 per month Direct Debit

 10-14 year olds:

Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm, Saturday 9-10am  

£6.50 per class

£50 per month Direct Debit

Try us for 14-days and if your child doesn't enjoy, we'll give you a refund!

Try us for 14-days and if your child doesn't enjoy, we'll give you a refund!  

Are you worried that after a few sessions they’ll give up and you’ll be out of pocket?  

Our Mixed Martial Arts classes for juniors are different.  

If your child hasn't settled in and isn't enjoying our classes within 14 days of starting, we'll refund you everything you’ve paid with no questions asked! 

Hi. I'm Dominic Plumb

I’m a powerlifting champion, ex- cage fighter, boxer, martial arts specialist and I teach the Junior MMA classes here, at Fitter Stronger Faster.

However old you are, whatever your fitness level, no matter how experienced you are in MMA, you will be warmly welcomed by me and my team. 

DON'T BE SHY. Get in touch and then come and see what makes MMA such great fun no matter who you are. 

We make sure that everyone has something to aim for, at every stage of their MMA development. Each week the child who's done best in the class is declared WARRIOR OF THE WEEK and receives a trophy to keep.

It won't come lightly – the kids can only earn such high praise through hard work and consistency. But when your youngster comes home from Fitter, Stronger, Faster glowing with the pride of achievement, it's a racing certainty that you'll be even prouder!

Why mixed martial arts?

Great benefits for youngsters and opportunities to:

• Learn self-defence and self-discipline • Earn respect • Develop social skills • Put fitness first • Work in a team • Boost confidence 

Contact us at 0800 177 7299 for full details of our mixed martial arts training programme for kids

Alternatively, click the button below to register your interest, fill out the form and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss the next course of action.

Once they've started, just try stopping them!