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Maidstone's Only Size 16+ Group Training For Women

*** LIMITED AVAILABILITY *** due to demand and group sizes, places are very limited

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Hi I’m Dominic Plumb,  

I’m a former champion cage fighter, mixed martial arts expert, Personal Trainer and devoted husband to my wife Nicky, and father to my 3 boys.  

I’m the owner of Fitter, Stronger, Faster Gym – a studio where every evening and weekends we teach adults and juniors the sport of mixed martial arts.  

By day, we EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY train groups of women like yourself to rediscover the things that you thought had gone forever. Basically we help you regain your youthful shape and much more importantly, your self confidence.  

That’s why we call our programme “Make me Unstoppable”, because in just a few short weeks with some effort, will-power on your part and support from us, you damn well will be!!  

This programme will positively change your life forever through a precise combination of training, nutrition and coaching.  

We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you hit your goals and become a better you. 

We're extremely confident in our ability to help you but it's essential that you meet the following criteria:

To qualify for the “Make me Unstoppable” Programme you must be: 

• Size 16 or above (there's no mirrors or men here which means there's zero judgements). • Female & 26 years old or above • Ready to change your eating habits (and no this doesn't mean you have to ditch your favourite foods) • Huge desire to lose 30 + lbs of unwanted bodyfat • Want to make a positive change for your children's sake • Ready to sweat & workout with a group of likeminded women in a safe environment • Ready to stop laying awake at night worrying about your health • Ready to play with the kids without getting out of breath!  

I don’t need to tell you how physically and emotionally ‘tough’ it is being a mother, running around after the kids all the time or maybe you don’t, maybe you sit on the side line wanting to do more but you can't?  

Physical fitness is the obvious thing we deal with but Nicky and I also spend lots of time on the emotional stuff too…  

Why Does Group Training Work So Well?

First and foremost it’s all about accountability, there’s nothing quite like external accountability to actually pull off your results. 

When you join this group of like minded ladies who are in the same boat, there’s a greater chance you’ll get the results you want. 

Let’s face it, it’s intimidating if you have to train with an underweight lady who is half your age right? As far as we’re concerned you should always train around ladies who are similar sizes and age to you. This way you can share those emotions, and past stories when you tried diet after diet and felt unhappy! 

You will build friendships along the way whilst feeling good about yourself.  

So How Do We Make Someone Unstoppable? 

It's simple, if you’ve tried endless diets and training plans and yet you’re still here reading this then it’s because you didn't reach your goal yet and that’s okay, don’t beat yourself up. 

At Unstoppable we delve deep into the REAL reasons you’ve "stop-started" without putting it down to “losing motivation” or "falling off the bandwagon". We tackle the emotional side head-on. 

After we discover the root cause, we give you the tools to breakthrough obstacles allowing you to forget the “Stop-Start” cycle, alongside the training and nutrition. You will become a happier you. 

With this new found power, you begin to regain control of your life and that means, food, relationships, work and a massive confidence boost. How does that sound? 

Here's Just Some of What You Get When You Join the “Unstoppable” Family... 

1) 3 Fun Group Training Sessions Every Week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday Mornings  

No men, no mirrors, just you and similar sized women doing what it takes to beat this thing. It’s a safe and friendly environment, judgement is a thing of the past and no two sessions are the same! Say goodbye to death by repetition.  

2) Super Easy to Follow Nutrition Plans (And we'll even include alcohol in it)  

You’ll no longer need to eat restrictive meals separate to the rest of your family. I’ve invested in the best and most simple nutrition system to allow you to eat the foods you love, you can even drink wine if you want to.  

3) Daily Accountability  

A daily check in helps when you’re feeling demotivated, which means you’re less likely to say “Blow this I’m not doing it anymore”  

4) Unlimited Support

Listen we get it, life can be a strain and sometimes things just get too much. You can talk to us anytime day or night! It's super important to have a coach support you during these times, someone to let you know you’re not alone we’re walking this journey with you!  

All Of The Above Steps Are To A Better, Unstoppable You! This coaching programme is like no other and it’s Guaranteed to get RESULTS! This is NOT just another PT programme.  

We love all of our clients and get a real buzz out of helping you transform every area of your life - from health and fitness, wellbeing, confidence and self esteem, relationships career and everything in between.  

Right Now You Have Nothing To Lose!  

Click the I'm Interested button, fill out the form and I’ll text or email all the details across of how it works, price, location etc.  

If you'd like to speak to Nicky or myself about whether the course is going to be right for you or in fact anything you want to check then let us know and we will be happy to call you. 

100% Money Back Guarantee No Strings… 

I’m so confident in the programme that I’m willing to offer you a FULL ‘no questions’ refund if we do not meet your expectations.  

I’m serious and so should you be when applying, remember joining this programme is ONLY for you ‘if’ you really want to make a difference to your life and those close to you. 

Call 0800 177 7299 to find out more

Don’t just take my word for it take a look at the feedback and testimonials from women just like you below… 

Client Success Story

I started training with Dominic in Oct 2013, having lost the motivation and fitness levels I'd previously gained, and needing someone to motivate me back into exercising. I asked at the gym for a PT recommendation, stating I wanted someone who would be tough and wouldn't let me cheat, but also wouldn't shout at me, as I knew I wouldn't respond well to that. Along comes Dom!  

Despite Dom continually trying to get me to focus on my food intake, as well as exercise, it took about a year of us working together before something clicked in my head and I decided to listen to what he was saying re food! We agreed I would start using MyFitnessPal, we set a goal on weight loss and Dom gave me guidance on calorie intake to follow, splitting it out into the carbs, protein and fat consumption I could eat on a daily basis. This was hard to start off with, but gradually became easier. To help me reach my goal, I decided to go alcohol free in Oct 2014, Jan 2015 and May 2015, it wasn't fun, but definitely helped with the weight loss!  

Obviously my fitness levels have increased since training with Dom, he pushes me hard and puts up with my constant moaning and complaining. You'd have thought I would've learnt by now to stop moaning, as it just means he makes me do more!! He is very encouraging and I think at times is prouder than I am at some the things I've achieved with his help.  

Making the decision to really focus on being healthier in Oct 2014 and with Christmas looming, it wasn't until Jan 2015 that I really started to concentrate on eating well, combined with exercising. My aim was to lose 28lbs by my 40th birthday in Jun this year, and I am happy to say I did it by the end of May, so we decided to work towards 35lbs. To date, I've lost 32.78lbs, so didn't quite make 35lbs by my birthday, but I'm not far off and I am really pleased with what I've achieved. I have no idea how much I weigh and I don't want to know, Dom just tells me when the Ibs are dropping off, which they continue to do!  

If you're looking for a PT who helps you achieve results, and is relatively amusing (!), Dom is the man for you! I recommended Dom to a friend of mine earlier this year, she then recommended him to one of her friends, I should really start charging him commission!!

 - Stephanie J Towning