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Hi. I'm Dominic Plumb

Welcome to my Club, Fitter Stronger Faster. I’m a powerlifting champion, ex- cage fighter, boxer, martial arts specialist and when I’m not teaching kids and adults I’m a happily married, devoted family man with 3 young sons and I'm in charge of the MMA programme here, at Fitter Stronger Faster.  

However old you are, whatever your fitness level, no matter how experienced you are in MMA, you will be warmly welcomed by me and my team.  

DON'T BE SHY. Get in touch and then come and see what makes MMA such great fun no matter who you are.

I look forward to meeting you soon


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Just What IS Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world. MMA encompasses disciplines from various martial arts and Olympic sports, such as boxing, kick-boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, muay thai, tae kwon do, wrestling and judo.

Rounds are five minutes in length and there are typically three rounds in a contest, unless it's a championship fight (or a non-title UFC main event), in which case, the contest lasts five rounds.

Our adult MMA program starts from 14 years old. As always, the fundamentals are the first and foremost a priority, but now complex fight situation are added so now the sport really becomes like a chess match where you try to outwit your opponent and always think three steps ahead, always ready to counter a move with your own and so on and so forth.

MMA is a great way to get fit [at the highest-level MMA athletes are arguably the fittest in the world] and learn how to defend yourself as all of what you learn is practical in real world situations.  

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Why Mixed Martial Arts?

Great benefits and opportunities to:

• Learn self-defence and self-discipline • Earn respect • Develop social skills • Put fitness first • Work in a team • Boost confidence

100% Money Back Guarantee No Strings… 

I'm so confident in the programme that I’m willing to offer you a FULL ‘no questions’ refund if we do not meet your expectations.

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