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Get a FREE Personal Consultation with award winning club owner and trainer Dominic Plumb

  •  A comprehensive Lifestyle evaluation to look at your aims, exercise history and what plan will work best for you within your daily routine.
  •  A full Nutritional analysis based on 3 days of your eating plan to check for areas of improvement.
  •  Find out what exercise regime your body type is most suited to.
  •  If you’re thinking of starting an exercise programme anytime soon or you’re looking for a new place to train then this one-time offer could be the ideal starting point for you!  


£45 NOW £0!

Once reserved, we will contact you to arrange the best time for you to book your consultation.

You can also call us on 0800 177 7299 to find out more. 


Hi I’m Dominic Plumb,  

I’m a former champion cage fighter, mixed martial arts expert, Personal Trainer and devoted husband to my wife Niki, and father to my 3 boys.  

I’m the owner of Fitter, Stronger, Faster Gym – a studio where every evening and weekends we teach adults and juniors the sport of mixed martial arts.  

By day, we EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY train groups of women like yourself to rediscover the things that you thought had gone forever. Basically we help you regain your youthful shape and much more importantly, your self confidence.

That’s why we call our programme “Make me Unstoppable”, because in just a few short weeks with some effort, will-power on your part and support from us, you damn well will be!!  

This programme will positively change your life forever through a precise combination of training, nutrition and coaching.

We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you hit your goals and become a better you. 

DON’T SPEND TOO LONG THINKING ABOUT THIS – because this fantastic Personal Consultation offer can’t last forever. Frankly my team reckon I’m bonkers for doing this, because we’re literally going to lose money. But I GENUINELY believe it’s the right and proper thing to do.


We really look forward to seeing you at Fitter Faster Stronger Gym.

- Dominic Plumb

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