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The benefits of weight training for women and people of 40+ hugely outweigh those of cardiovascular exercise alone. Here are 10 good reasons why…

Over the last 10 years, there’ve been serious arguments for the benefits of weight training – especially for women of all ages.

Most women who exercise do cardiovascular exercises in the gym. Far less use resistance training that really challenges their bodies. So what’s the story? Why’s the number of women taking this to heart so low?

First, believe this: resistance training doesn't need to be scary machines, full-length mirrors and a load of blokes in posing pouches. You have options and you owe it to yourself, your health and your wellbeing to explore them.

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Get Fit, Lose Weight and Gain Strength… 

How to:

  • LOSE body fat 
  • GAIN strength without bulk
  • DECREASE risk of osteoporosis
  • IMPROVE your athletic performance 
  • Be physically STRONGER 
  • REDUCE your risk of injury, back-pain and arthritis 
  • REDUCE your risk of heart disease
  • REDUCE your risk of diabetes  
  • IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BENEFIT: weight training could INCREASE your strength by 30-50%.
  • Fight depression and IMPROVE how you feel about yourself  

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