New to Sales? Lacking in Confidence during the Sales Journey?

Join us for this 2 day intensive introduction to selling health club memberships

Our strategies are built on a foundation of teaching you how to guide your prospect to make a good and genuine buying decision.  

You will learn the difference between inspiring and squeezing a prospect to buy!  

We will develop your communication skills and lead you through the buying cycle.  

Plenty of role play incorporating body language skills and the use of emotion based phrasing, ensures sales scripts are retained, personalised and understood.

1. Preparation 

2. Handling Telephone enquiries  

3. “Cross the River” Personal State  

4. Initial Contact  

5. Rapport & Commonality  

6. Qualification  

7. Listening skills  

8. DISC for sales  

9. Tour  

10. Trial Close & Handling objections  

11. Close  

12. Follow up & Referrals

"Behind every life changing sales programme is a solid system of customer service."

Duncan Green


Instructor's Profile

Duncan Green

Duncan Green is a TRUSTED ADVISOR to fitness business owners across the world on sales, marketing, internet advertising, retention strategies, and member experience programmes.  

For over two decades he has helped fitness owners and managers on how to win more, keep more and upsell customers using advanced sales and marketing tactics, systemised advertising, premium pricing models and cutting edge internet strategies.  

This extensive knowledge coupled with an entertaining and powerful delivery style mean that this is a “not to be missed day” if you’re serious about growing your business in 2015.

Membership sales training is the engine behind every successful fitness business. 

Fitness Sales coaching is a key factor if you want to drive membership sales training to a new level. Our Membership Sales Trainers have trained hundreds of fitness sales staff for more than 10 years!

 After completing the sales training course the benefits for your fitness club are seen immediately. Our Membership System builds confidences in your staff, which in turn, helps to drive fitness sales. Read more about the training >


Look at what people say about our course.

I learned a lot from this course and really enjoyed it. I will definitely use everything I have learned today and encourage for a few changes to be made to help with membership sales and looking after existing members  

Tara Villa

I really enjoyed the course, feel like I have learnt a lot of key techniques + ideas that I will take away with me. Course was structured and presented very well + was very interactive, which kept me engaged.  

Kirsty Harkness

The system is really good. Before the training the staff were averaging 2 memberships (per week (sic)), now with the system it’s gone up to 20 memberships!  

Patricia Whowell, Club Manager, Buxton

I don't think there is anything to be changed in this course, it was very productive.  

Danielle Rogers

I feel this course has given me a better overall understanding of the sales process.  


Thanks you so much for an insight into the world of sales. Your knowledge has been an invaluable tool to take away with me and sell sell sell!!  


The session was open and the venue was comfortable to talk as it didn't feel like a class. IT was easy to express your thoughts and debate ideas. I understand more about the sales process now and feel more comfortable to discuss options with people. It was a relaxed environment to discuss.  

Clare Ford

GCLL has been working with Momentum for 12 months now and the positive affect their involvement has had on our business has been fantastic. For example Membership Sales have increased by 22% even in this time of hardship, the Promotion offered by Momentum have the desired affect Refer a Friend accounts for 18% of new sales, the Sales Training is second to none and provides a highly motivated and directed Sales Team'.  

'It is about trusting the advice and support Momentum offer to you and recognising that the journey is not a short term fix. If any organisation can commit to this they will reap the benefits - not only financially but emotionally too'  

'It is not often that I say this, but GCLL wouldn't be where it is today without the support of Momentum and I can only encourage others to join the gang'.  

Robert Swain, Managing Director, Gravesham Community Leisure Limited.

Skyrocket your sales now!