Transform your club to a revenue machine - Webinar 2019 PART ONE RETENTION

Each 60 minute online webinar covers one of the essential ingredients of high performing fitness clubs  

  •  Lead generation
  •  Sales conversion
  •  New Member Onboarding
  •  Member Retention  

Part One

Understanding The Secret Sauce of Member Retention. 

How to Keep Your Customers Happier for Longer !

Wednesday February 27th 

15.00 hrs  

Duncan Green 

Managing Director 

Momentum Business Development


After 25 years in the Club operation and consulting world (with literally hundreds of clubs), this is the Club Blueprint he would use if opening a brand new facility today. 

Inspired by the scores of owners and operators who he has witnessed doing great things at the Fitness Club ‘coal face’, this Fitness Club blueprint represents the best of breed. 

The most impressive and most profitable ideas coordinated into one replicable Club operational framework. 

Your top priority as a fitness club operator or owner is NOT To get left behind by your competition. So many new opportunities online and offline to generate greater revenue and profit for your business

Do whatever it takes to join Duncan Green on this webinar series How to Transform Your Club into a Revenue Generating Machine full of Raving Fans in 90 days or Less.

  • Imagine that you could in just 4 sessions of just 1 hour gather the ultimate set of proven, profitable strategies to make your clubs revenue generating machines and most importantly LOVED by your members.
  • Imagine that it covered off everything you always wanted to know about membership pricing, marketing, sales, customer service, management, retention, fitness services, and staffing. 
  • Imagine that not only was it the most exhaustive collection of memorable ideas, programmes and concepts ever delivered in a series of 60 minute webinars, but it was presented in a replicable framework that you could take away and use in your own business IMMEDIATELY.

That’s the promise of Duncan Green's 4 part series:

How to Transform Your Club into a Revenue Generating Machine full of Raving Fans in 90 days or Less

That’s why you need to sign up and hear it for yourself 

Episode 1 : Understand The Secret Sauce for Member Retention. How to Keep Your Customers Happier for Longer !  

Wednesday 27th February 15.00 hours

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We look forward to you joining us on your calendar's most crucial fitness club webinars. 


Wednesday 27th February 


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