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Xperio has been nothing short of a revelation. We’ve always been a busy gym but the introduction of Xperio has seen our member engagement activity go off the scale. 

The members absolutely love the variety and range of services and products we are now promoting. It’s making them feel a real sense of belonging with the site. 

When you walk the gym floor you see loads of members are wearing our Club shirts, booking clinics, PT and all the other programmes we now offer. 

The staff have really stepped up and they are excited with the results that they’ve seen. 

P.T uptake has really increased in popularity and the Tribe group training concept has gone off like wild fire. Everyone has got on board and we are seeing quantifiable benefits in both retention rates and the popularity of the club in terms of new sales. 

I suppose what we now offer is so tangibly different to our competitors that customers looking for something more than just a room full of kit are very attracted to us and that’s reaping big dividends.

The relationship with Momentum is great and they completely understand how we work.  

Xperio is a winner of a scheme on all levels.

- Dave Somers, General Manager, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre

First thing to say is that it’s a great scheme!

After just 3 months Members are starting to really talk about us because of the programme.

With my marketing managers hat on there are several things I particularly like. Most importantly I can see very clearly the results.

ROI is key to us and that is crystal clear with Xperio.

I can accurately budget because the outcomes are so transparent.

I love the fact that while I have final say and sight of everything that goes out, the programme is turnkey and is done for me. That means I can commit more time to all the other jobs I have to do.

The people at Momentum are very easy to work with, they embody our brand identity, listen to our ideas and the whole service process is a very smooth one all round. 

There’s a lot to really like about the Xperio programme ”

- Estelle Milford, North Somerset Marketing Manager, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre

The proof is in the pudding!

Already we can see and feel the difference around the club.

Since we introduced Xperio, every experience campaign has proved popular.

The Wear the Shirt campaign is mega and members love exercising in their Club tops. 

Our PT has rocketed, Tribe training is off the scale and Know your Numbers surprised us with how members reacted.

It’s the choice and variety of experience that our members seem to love most.

Our staff are 100% onside and seem to relish the chance to do more things for a lot more members. 

Our attrition rates are dropping, we are growing as a club, so it’s working just like we were told it would.

The system is very transparent and the dashboard I use to manage the scheme is easy to use and helps to keep me on top of it. 

It’s just a great programme!

- James White, Fitness Manager, Hutton Moor Leisure Centre

Xperio has been a huge success both for our team and for our club members. 

The staff love the fact that the hard yards are done with the digital programmes Momentum provide and manage for us.

It’s allowed the staff, the opportunity to develop lots of new programmes and services and to bring this enhanced programme to the notice of all the members with hardly any effort on their part.

The members are surprised and delighted at the range of services that they can now access from us and this been a real help in competing against lower cost operators. 

We can now easily demonstrate the differences between our quality operation and our competition which make recruiting new members easier and has bred a great deal of confidence within both our members and the fitness team. 

With the help of the Xperio programme we can be consistently better, and we are in the process of adopting the new member onboarding system which will give us a total service blueprint of high quality and variety.

It’s going to make delivering business class service that much easier to do all the time. These are very exciting times for our group and particularly for our Club members.

- Louise Day, Fitness & Wellbeing Director, Champneys Health & Spa

We’ve worked with Momentum for nearly a year on Xperio, the member experience programme and the results have been phenomenal. 

We have gone over 2000 live members for the first time in our 10 year trading history and each month more and more members are engaging with the scheme.  

The best thing about it is that once I have signed off the quarterly programme, the hard works all taken care of by Momentum. All the member leads flood in to us in a very clever portal making it easy for my team to manage member expectation and convert the interest to revenue. 

Members love the varied digital assets that we use to market the scheme and fitness team members are over the moon that any ideas they have are brought to life by Momentum who design and build everything so they are feeling an increased sense of “buy in” to the whole member engagement process.  

Xperio has worked even better than I imagined it would. Everyone from members to our fitness staff just love it. 

It’s a total no brainer for any club manager thinking of taking it on!

- Gary Sheppard, General Manager, Parkwood Health & Fitness

Its working very well for us. Because of the range and frequency of the different programmes and services we run people are talking about us a lot more now.

As a result, we have witnessed a distinct increase in the number of leads that we have been generating.

We have worked hard to fine tune the programme and be more creative with it but I can honestly say that Xperio is making a difference to the Club.

Members love it. We are getting better financial results and the staff have a really defined blueprint to follow which helps with training and succession planning and we are doing things which give us a real advantage against our competition and will allow us to raise our prices in the future.

Momentum certainly know what they are doing when it comes to doing the things that increase member engagement and driving leads. They are very easy to work with and I can’t speak more highly of the benefits of this programme to an operator running a club on a very tight budget.

- Nabil Jaber, Owner, Gym & Tonic Fitness Gym Group


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